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Introduced by Sony in E3 2003, the PlayStation Portable became a highlight throughout the year and soon after its release in late 2004, it became the most powerful gaming device of its time. When compared with GBA, the PSP is quite similar in terms of launch time and sales, but in terms of hardware configuration, the PSP proved to be much stronger when it was said to be as strong as the PS1 and could run games up to several GB in size. Not only a pure gaming device, but PSP is also considered a mobile entertainment device when it provides a variety of powerful entertainment applications such as web browser, youtube, a media player. With a large external speaker and a beautiful display, many people at that time used the PSP to replace the inconvenience PC.

The PSP is a handheld gaming device that should be fairly basic in size, 17cm in length, 7.4cm wide, 2.3cm thick and weighs 280 grams (including the battery). This is an ideal size from that day until now for a handheld gaming device. Sony is also very fond of equipping its pet with a large 4.3 inch LCD screen with 16.77 million colours that can be displayed. The resolution of 480×272 is quite meagre compared to now but with 10 years ago, it was the best screen resolution that a compact gaming device could carry in itself. However, with the LCD background, you can play for hours without eye strain. That’s why until now, PSP devices are still very popular with users because of its portability. Unfortunately, SONY is no longer focusing on developing their handheld gaming devices. Instead, heavy gaming machines like the PS4 and PS5 are about to be released.

Although equipped with entertainment capabilities, the PSP still only equipped with the buttons of a basic gaming device. It is two keys L and R, the key buttons of the PlayStation system (triangle, square, round and X) and an Analogue-stick. So you can control everything easily. And of course, because it is a touch screen, users can touch anywhere on that LCD for faster access. Swipe gesture is quite similar to smartphones from now. The battery life of the PlayStation Portable battery is quite small compared to other systems from Nintendo, with nearly 2000mAh battery, you can play games continuously for 3 hours with the network connection turned on. If you’re only listening to music and watching movies, its battery can last up to 24 hours.

With thousands of games released, the number of ROMs of PSP on the website is also quite large, we have collected and uploaded nearly 2000 ROMs files in a compressed format so that users can easily download and use. The internal file is “.ISO”, you just copy this file to the memory card and install it on your PSP device. For emulators, PPSSPP is the best choice, PPSSPP supports all different platforms from Linux, Win, MACOS … Playing PSP games on the emulator is quite simple, similar to you do on physical equipment. The good news is that up to 99% of PSP ROMs can run on emulators and physical devices. Some of the best PSP games include God of War: Chains of Olympus, Metal Gear, Vice City Stories, Final Fantasy Tactics, LittleBigPlanet, Tekken 6…