Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment , Square
Genre Role-Playing
Region JP
Type Fan Translation
Views 16,265
Downloads 15,481
Released January 31, 1997
4/5 (5 votes)
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Final Fantasy VII is an action role-playing game released in 1997 by Square. The game revolves around a mercenary named Cloud Strife belonging to a terrorist suppression organization on a planet named Planet. The life of this planet depends on a source of energy that gives life to everything. That power is known as the Lifestream. A Shinra power company is working to drain the Lifestream energy source for a dark purpose. This company belongs to the Megacorpination group that dominates the planet and is based in the city of Midgar. Shinra’s actions are weakening the planet and threatening the existence of all living things. To prevent this danger, an organization called Soldier was created. This organization trains the best soldiers to perform the mission to protect the planet. They have chosen the best soldier, Cloud Strife, to accomplish the goal. In the game, the player plays the role of Cloud Strife to help him complete his mission.

There are three game modes in this game: the world map mode, the field mode, and the battle mode. In the world map mode, players will explore the entire map and all the missions of the game. This mode is a combination of the other 2 modes. In this mode, you will explore many areas including towns, natural features, and ancient ruins. Natural terrain including hills, plains, deserts … When passing some levels, players will be equipped with a car to overcome this terrain more easily. You can find stores in the field mode. These stores provide characters with equipment such as armor, weapons, and other accessories. In addition, players can sell the items they collected during the quest to exchange for gold. When fighting through many, characters will be exhausted physically. Players will have to find motels along the road to rest. The character will recover the mp and there will be no danger to the character while in the inn.

If a character is attacked by an enemy it must be affected by the enemy’s abilities such as being immobilized and unable to attack the enemy for a certain period of time. The player can also neutralize these states by using the corresponding medicines or special abilities of the character. When all enemies are defeated at each level, they will drop gold, support items, and exp points.

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