Metal Gear Solid

Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher Konami
Genre Action , Adventure , Other
Region EU , JP , US
Views 6,757
Downloads 24,523
Released September 3, 1998
File size 199.41 M
4.1/5 (9 votes)
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Metal Gear Solid is an action game released in 1998 by Konami. The game revolves around a soldier named Solid Snake. His mission is to infiltrate FOXHOUND’s nuclear weapons production base – a terrorist force to neutralize nuclear weapons. This will help the world to avoid a terrorist threat on a large scale.

The game includes many modes corresponding to each stage: penetration mode, countervailing mode, attack mode … You will have to overcome the mode you are playing to unlock the next mode. The player will play the role of Solid Snake to join the game and help him complete his mission. You will have to control the character through areas so that Solid Snake is not detected by the enemy. If the player moves into the line of sight of the enemy, Solid Snake will be exposed and the enemy will bring armed to the position of the character. Players will have to hide so that the enemy does not detect. Each time the alarm will be 30 seconds long, the player will have to evade the enemy until the alarm clock returns to 0. At this time, the game will return to the invasive mode and the enemy will no doubt about Solid Snake presence.

In order not to be detected, players will use the techniques of the character. These techniques include: crawling, disguising, avoiding the sight and distracting enemies. In alert mode, a radar will appear on the screen. Thanks to the radar, players will see the position of nearby enemies and their visibility. Avoid fighting with enemies while in the middle of an alarm because the enemy will concentrate a lot. Instead, kill each enemy silently to complete the task easier. In addition, the game also has VR mode to help players practice. This mode allows you to test your penetration skills in artificial maps. This mode is divided into 3 stages: practice, attack, and shooting. Each stage is divided into 12 levels with increasing difficulty. After passing all 36 levels in VR mode, a survival mission is unlocked. Players will have to use the skills that they have practiced to pass 10 consecutive levels within 7 minutes. After completing this mode, you will feel the game easier.

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