NASCAR ’99 Legacy

Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher EA Sports
Genre Racing
Region US
Views 904
Downloads 278
Released NA: September 28, 1998
File size 369.31 M
3.5/5 (1 vote)
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In addition to Need For Speed, NASCAR 99 is also a high-speed racing simulation game released by EA Sport. Inspired by the 1998 Winston Cup Series racing game, this game quickly attracted the attention of players. It’s also a new option for speed enthusiasts who have been bored with Need For Speed’s style for years. The races of this game are very fast and you will enjoy the high-speed races like in real life. Each race will be divided into 9 laps, players need to complete 9 laps and reach first place in the race to win. The opponents that you need to overcome are the big names in the 90s of the last century. To control the car, you will use the move buttons, speed, and brake. A simple control mechanism helps more players to access this game. In addition, indicators such as the speed of the vehicle, small map, time to join the race are also clearly displayed on the screen. Players easily search for any useful information at a glance.

Unlike other racing games released at the same time, this game also has a quite perfect physical simulation system. Specifically, the car will explode when the player collided too hard with other cars or protective walls. Moreover, the floating ability of the car is also a very detailed simulation when the player passes the complicated bends. Therefore, this game is highly appreciated by players only after the first week of release. To make the races more realistic than ever, the tracks were also simulated like famous ones. Players can choose one of the 17 tracks that the game offers to experience. Famous tracks appeared in the game such as Atlanta Motor Speedway, Michigan International Speedway, and Sears Point.

Besides the positive reviews from the fans, the game also received many mixed reviews. The graphics and sound of the game do not have much improvement compared to the previous version, players do not have much different experience when they make a new race in this version. Moreover, the sound of racing cars is quite similar and creates a boring feeling for players. The latest tracks are audio highlights. These tracks are carefully selected by the manufacturer to enhance the interest of the players in the races.

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