Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher Activision
Genre Other
Region WW
Views 785
Downloads 340
Released September 29, 1999
5/5 (1 vote)

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is an extreme sports game developed by Neversoft and released for PlayStation on September 29, 1999. In the game, players will play the role of a famous skater with His name is Tony Hawk. Players will compete with other athletes to win the championship. The game is displayed under the third perspective. The task of the player will be to perform the movements and combine them so that the score of each jump is perfect. These techniques include turning people in the air, turning over the board, aerobatics in the air … The score of each high or low jump depends on the techniques that the player shows and the air time of the nucleus. object. If you do a few skills or do not combine, the score will be very low. When a player successfully performs a number of skills while in the air, a special metric will be displayed. This measure will be increased when the player performs difficult skills. This gauge will click when full and allows the player to perform a special technique that allows the player to score very high. If the player fails to land and falls off the board, the player will score 0 for this jump.

The game includes many different modes for players to choose from. In Career Mode, players will have to complete five-game challenges within a period of two minutes at each level. As the level increases, the challenges presented by the game will be more difficult than the previous levels. In one jump, players do not need to complete all the challenges that the game requires. The game will save the challenges that the player has completed. At the next jump, players only need to complete challenges that have not been overcome. Completing all the challenges in one jump will open up an additional level. In this additional mode, players will complete the requirements of the game to increase their own scores. This will give players an advantage over other opponents in the race to the championship. After completing all levels in Career Mode, the game will calculate the total points of the athletes. Players will receive their own rank depending on the total points accumulated when passing challenges of all levels.

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