Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

Console PS Vita
Publisher Ubisoft
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Views 11,125
Downloads 10,928
Released October 30, 2012
File size 2.64 G
3.8/5 (10 votes)
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Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is an action-adventure game brought in 2012 by the familiar manufacturer Ubisoft for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. This is the fifth installment to the previous series of the Assassin’s Creed series. This is a third-person game set in an open world where the player must combine skills to hide, move, and attack opponents to complete missions. The combat phase has been changed with the previous part. Now, players can use dual weapons to fight multiple enemies at once. There are also pistols, muskets, bows and arrows, tomahawk axes, and string hooks. The knife hidden under his hand now has the ability to block attacks or peel the skin. Skillfully avoid enemy fire by hiding in terrain, or you can use another enemy to act as a shield. The graphics in the game are very beautiful and vivid, with many natural phenomena such as snow, fog, and rain. The seasons also change, which also affects gameplay. For example, snow will make you move more slowly, so pay attention to the weather to have the best tactic. And there are many special things for players to discover.

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