Console PS Vita
Publisher Ltd. , Sonic Powered Co.
Genre Sport
Region WW
Views 131
Downloads 174
Released March 29, 2012
File size 223.27 M
2.4/5 (1 vote)
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@field is a golf simulation video game, brought to fans by Sonic Powered in 2012. @field is a harmonious combination between Mini golf and Pinball. The game is added by the developer to more than 100 separate missions for players to explore freely. In addition, @field also has a creation mode, allowing players to create levels with their own difficulty. The game owns six different characters (all are female characters), but at the beginning, players are only allowed to use the default character. The remaining characters are unlocked with the money collected after completing the mainline quests. With attractive 3D graphics and funny sounds, @field will be an effective entertainment game after hours of study and work stress.

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