Gravity Rush

Console PS Vita
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Views 9,350
Downloads 12,009
Released February 9, 2012
File size 1.44 G
4.2/5 (26 votes)
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Gravity Rush is an action-role-playing game brought to players by SCE Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games in 2015, on the PS4 platform. The game is in a city called Hekseville. You will play the role of Kat – the heroine of the game fell into a coma, and after waking up, she did not remember who she was and why she was in this strange city. As in a dream that has not woken up, Kat constantly faces strange stories. In this place, she met things she had never seen before and would still have to fight the Nevi monsters with superpowers that she did not know why she possessed. Gravity Rush’s graphics are similar to a Japanese animated film with exquisite lines, animation, and eye-catching images. Along with the light, sound effects, the shadow image is increased as well as enhancing the aliasing effect to help the image become clearer and much more beautiful. Next, there is the design model of the characters and the surrounding map. The characters are all carefully designed and unique. Mixing different styles of countries, creating a colorful city with quiet streets with shady lights. The sound of Gravity Rush is also great, the background music is easy to listen to, and the sound is beautifully embedded. Great things are waiting for you to experience ahead.

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