Console PS Vita
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Genre Adventure , Platformer
Region WW
Views 8,611
Downloads 9,391
Released 20 November 2013
File size 959.09 M
3.4/5 (1 vote)
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Tearaway is an adventure genre game, produced by Tarsier Studios and Media Molecule and released in 2015 on PS4. Tearaway’s stages were meticulously designed, harmonious, and balanced. The game also requires the player a certain ingenuity and precision. Throughout the game, there will be difficult screens that require the player to move and use rhythmically with other function keys to be able to overcome these difficult levels. In addition, there are other tasks and features that are very diverse, so you can comfortably learn more. Tearaway is one of the games with a unique, strange, and beautiful graphic style on PS4. The details in the game are like a “stop motion” cartoon combined with vivid colors, creating a monumental image party in the eyes of the player. Small details like water ripples, distant mountains, or flowers illuminated by the player’s light are all “cared” very carefully. Along with creating characters in the game are very funny, cute and lovely, the sound, voice of the character of Tearaway is also a big plus point of this game. Sound and soundtrack background music, contributing to the player’s experience even more wonderful.

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