Unit 13

Console PS Vita
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre Other
Region WW
Views 7,371
Downloads 7,162
Released March 6, 2012
File size 1.15 G
4.2/5 (2 votes)
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Unit 13 is a third-person shooter game, produced by Zipper Interactive on the PS Vita platform. Entering the game, you will play a soldier, and your task is to prevent terrorist organization Awlaad Al-Qowah from plotting to undermine global order. You will be equipped with weapons when on missions, moving, or attacking in the game, so it’s easy for you to play. There are 4 types of tasks you will have to perform: Covert, Direct Action, Deadline, and Elite. Covert is a mission pattern that requires you to perform secretly, surreptitiously, so all your actions need absolute accuracy and care – if caught, you will fail. In contrast to Covert, Direct Action is a task that you will be free to choose how to perform, whether secret or violent, as long as you complete the set task. Deadline will bring the tasks that you must complete within the allotted time. Finally, Elite is the most difficult task, because if you lose your life, you will have to start all over, even a little is completed. There are a total of 36 difficult missions waiting for you in front to stop terrorists and protect humanity.

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