Kaitou Saint Tail

Console Sega Game Gear
Publisher SEGA
Developer Minato Giken
Genre Action , Puzzle
Region Japan
Views 34
Downloads 20
Released March 29, 1996
File size 270.93 K
5/5 (1 vote)
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Kaitō Saint Tail is a 2D top-down arcade game with several puzzle-solving minigames. The game is based on manga/anime series with this same name. The player controls the main heroine from the series, Meimi Haneoka (who is a schoolgirl and a magic thief). She runs in a maze, avoids police, and collects cards (cards are required to use magic). She meets various characters from series and talks with them. She can play in several minigames – Columns clone, various puzzles, and simple flight on balloons.

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