Alisia Dragoon

Console Sega Genesis
Publisher SEGA
Genre Platformer
Region WW
Views 1,884
Downloads 1,263
Released March 30, 1992
File size 594.92KB
5/5 (1 vote)
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The plot of the game has two versions. In the Japanese version, you play as the daughter of a witch Alisia, who threw the villain Baldour out of space, but then he was killed by Baldour’s henchmen, now when Baldour falls back Earth, Alisia will destroy all of them with the purpose of revenge. In the Western version, Alisia must fight the evil monsters that appear when a meteor falls to Earth. As Alisia, you will have to fight many different types of monsters. Alisia can fire lightning from the arm, and this attack also takes some time to recharge, in addition to having pets accompany and support you to fight. There are four types of pets with different powers, but only one can follow you. In each game, screens, characters, and pets also become stronger thanks to collecting power.

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