Battle Mania Daiginjou

Console Sega Genesis
Publisher Vic Tokai
Developer Vic Tokai
Genre Shooter
Region World
Views 37
Downloads 26
Released December 24, 1993
File size 705.41 K
5/5 (1 vote)
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Battle Mania Daiginjou is a comical anime-themed scrolling shooter, and the sequel to Trouble Shooter. The player controls the Dirty Pair-esque Mania and Maria simultaneously, with Maria following closely behind Mania, and also able to turn around and fire to the rear. Unlike most shooters, Mania has a health meter which can be replenished via pickups. There are a variety of weapons to choose from at the start of each stage, and during the game, weapons can be powered up. There is also a screen-clearing bomb attack, but it must be allowed to charge back up each time it is used. The game includes a standard single-player mode with three difficulty settings. There is also a score attack mode which challenges the player to earn the most points possible in two minutes on a set stage.

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