Rocket Knight Adventures

Console Sega Genesis
Publisher Konami
Genre Platformer
Region EU , JP , US
Views 2,080
Downloads 1,202
Released JP: August 6, 1993
NA: August 5, 1993
EU: 1993
File size 656.56KB
5/5 (1 vote)
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The story begins many years ago, El Zebulos defeated the invaders on a ship called Pig Star and became the king of the kingdom of Zebulon, King Zebulos also sealed Pig Star and delivered the maple seals for the royal family. Many generations later, neighboring countries wanted to take Pig Star to monopolize the world, now the Rocket Knight team is established and led by Mifune Sanjulo. Mifune also trains an orphaned Sparkster with the goal of becoming a member of Rocket Knight. Later when Mifune was injured by fighting the evil Axel Gear, Sparkster became the commander of Rocket Knight with the goal of stopping Axel Gear’s evil plans. As Sparkster, you will have to adventure through different lands to find Axel Gear and defeat him. With scrolling platform gameplay, you will have to overcome many screens with increasing levels of difficulty. Here, you must dodge the traps and fight with countless enemies, your weapon is a sword that can shoot beams of energy when brandishing. In addition, you can also perform missile attacks, with multiple missiles fired on many powerful sides. During the game, you will also find fruits that can recovery power.

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