Dungeon Master Nexus

Console Sega Saturn
Publisher Victor Soft
Developer Victor Soft
Genre Role-Playing
Views 173
Downloads 71
File size 133.81 M
5/5 (1 vote)
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Dungeon Master Nexus is the first game in the Dungeon Master series using a 3D graphics engine. The game features 3 dungeons with 15 levels in total. Upon entering the ground level of the dungeon, the player is to compose his party made up of up to 4 heroes from the “Hall of Champions”. Throughout the game, the player finds scrolls with spells composed of 6 different symbols which can be used my magicians. Most monsters and adversaries (mummies, trees, goblins, knights, dragons) making appearance in the game are also featured in the original Dungeon Master game, as well as the final boss. The dungeon structure has been conserved as well as some of the puzzles to be solved.

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