Final Fantasy IV

Console SNES
Publisher Square
Genre Role-Playing
Region JP
Views 1,581
Downloads 1,686
Released 1991
File size 661.98KB
4/5 (1 vote)
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Following the success of previous versions, Square Enix continued to release a new version of Final Fantasy called Final Fantasy IV. The game is set in the medieval period with the plot revolving around the character of Cecil, a dark knight. At this time, an evil sorcerer named Golbez is plotting to capture the crystals of power and use it to destroy the world. Instead of just role-playing and controlling a character, in this game, you will try to control a cast of characters. Many tasks will be given, and you need to complete all of them. Many battle terrains are provided: towers, caves, forests… Players will need to control the characters move and fight with enemies on a current field level. There is a world map provided to help viewers have a better overview of the tasks. Motels and shops are scattered in towns, and you can come here to buy the necessary equipment or additional strength. The game also debuted the feature of controlling five characters at a time in the same match. When fighting, players can use their magic as well as items or change the battle position for the characters, …

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