Ghost Chaser Densei

Console SNES
Publisher Banpresto
Developer Winky Soft
Genre Beat 'em up
Region China
Views 224
Downloads 375
Released September 23, 1994
File size 1.22MB
1/5 (1 vote)
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Ghost Chaser Densei or Denjinmakai doesn’t take any dramatic departures from the standard scrolling-brawler plot-line. A city twenty minutes in the future must be saved from a terrorist organization, and between salvation and you is a long, straight line full of goons who must be punched. Aside from receiving orders from your boss before each level, and the quick conversation with a boss or rare NPC, the story won’t attempt to get in the way of beat-downs. There are three playable characters in the SNES version: the martial artist Makai, the mace wielding cat-girl Iyo, and the autonomous robot Belva. The Arcade version offers three additional characters: wrestler Tarukusu, beastman Zeldia and the purple haired Kurokishi and one extra stage called High way. Each has unique moves as well as the basic abilities of attacking, jumping, blocking, throwing, and using a special if attack and jump are pressed together. Unlike most brawlers these special moves deplete a recharging special bar, not your health. Makai can throw fireballs and do a flying kick in midair, Iyo can triangle jump and preform a spinning piledriver, and Belva can double jump and preform a grapple special. Characters also have a team up special if playing in two player mode. Enemies range from armored soldiers to lizard men to robots, but most break down into the same hierarchy: weaker types will rush at you while stronger types will shoot projectiles then rush at you. Each level ends with a unique boss with multiple short and long range attacks.

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