Mega Man X

Console SNES
Publisher Capcom
Genre Platformer
Region EU , US
Views 3,677
Downloads 5,207
Released 1994
File size 916.16KB
4.7/5 (2 votes)
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Mega Man X is a famous tactical action game on the SNES platform, is modeled on the story of Dr Light’s great inventions. He successfully created a series of robots that can change the entire world, giving final thoughts identical to humans. Fearing that they would fall into the wrong hands (those who want to rule over humankind), he decided to seal them off. But unexpectedly, Dr Cain has created a type of robot that can kill humans. Facing the brink of humanity about to be destroyed, Light decides to open the seal of Maga Man – a smart robot to destroy the evil robots. To complete the match easily, players need to be proficient in skills of characters as well as a little fluency in the map. For each Boss there will be a special move (of the character) that can be quickly destroyed, to defeat all the Bosses the fastest the player needs to arrange, counting the use of the skill accordingly. The destruction of Bosses along the way helps you collect many gold coins to exchange new weapons and equipment for upgrading the character.

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