Pac-Man 2 – The New Adventures

Console SNES
Publisher Namco
Genre Adventure , Platformer
Region EU , US
Views 1,416
Downloads 1,174
Released 1994
File size 954.96KB
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Pac-Man 2- The New Adventures is an adventure sidescroller game and a sequel to “Pac-Man”.Instead of a maze game like most previous versions, this time has incorporated adventure elements along with accents and clicks. The story of the game is a duty to serve his family, first looking for milk for Pac-Baby, sometime later, Pac-man is asked to pick a particular flower for Lucy, a friend of Pac-Jr and a host of other errands, like that. The most appealing feature of the game appears in the final part, which is the intense battle between Super Pacman and Gum monster. Pac-Man 2 has a style similar to traditional Point and Click adventures. A difference is that it doesn’t have to interact with the environment through different commands, instead move independently and interact with the world. The only command given via the “look” button helps Pac-man look or turn in any direction that you want, you act as an observer, equipped with a slingshot so that it can be used indirectly to influence or attack opponents… In addition to the traditional standard play, in Pac-Man 2 there are certain sections such as the end on a roller coaster or truck of mine, which requires Pac-Man to be kept from crashing into surrounding obstacles. This part needs more focus than action and reflexes, making good use of a slingshot to keep Pac-Man alive.

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