Console SNES
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region US
Views 1,785
Downloads 0
Released 2000
4/5 (3 votes)

If you are a big fan of the popular Pokemon anime, this Pokemon PD inspired by the anime will not disappoint you. Pokemon PD is a bootleg based game for SNES. In this game, you will be accompanied by the famous adorable Pikachu and kill the enemies by jumping on their heads. This is a game primarily with the jump and run. It is a little different from the original Pokemon movie. Each Pokemon creature has a series of statistics to know their strengths and weaknesses.HP (Hit Points) is the life force of Pokemon. If the Pokemon’s HP drops to zero, it faints and becomes unusable in battle. The speed index determines which Pokémon will take the first step in the fighting. This stat can be very important in long battles. Attack and Special Attack modes to measure the power of the moves used by Pokemon.The higher the index, the more damage your Pokemon will cause to the opponent. Similarly, Defense and Special Defense will measure the ability to attack from other Pokémon, the higher this number, the less the Hit Points will be lost when attacked. The physical features or special features of the Pokemon are all related to winning, not taking individual moves. It would help if you made many attacks to get complete information about their features to win.

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