Sengoku Denshou

Console SNES
Publisher Data East
Developer SNK
Genre Beat 'em up
Views 58
Downloads 34
Released September 19, 1993
File size 512.56KB
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Sengoku, fully titled Sengoku Denshō (戦国伝承, lit. “Legacy of the Warring States”) in Japan, is a beat ’em up arcade game. It is the first game of the Sengoku trilogy by SNK. It was ported to numerous home consoles including the Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, Mega-CD and Super Famicom while the latter version was later canceled in North America. A player has a maximum of six health points. When certain enemies are defeated, spirits of powerful forms are available to transform into. In the SNES version transformation cannot be toggled, but stays constant for a limited time. The three different forms are a samurai warrior, an armour-clad wolf and a more agile ninja. These forms have a limited use. Their attacks and jumps differ from the original form and their powers are enhanced by any powerups collected. Throughout the game the player will need to survive the hordes of enemies by collecting coloured orbs as powerups. Five Green orbs heal one health point. A Red orb gives the player a single sword, a Cyan orb gives the player double sword, the Purple orb gives the player a two-handed holy sword and a Yellow orb gives the player a limited magical attack.

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