Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Console Nintendo Switch
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action , Fighting
Region WW
Views 42,133
Downloads 22,664
Released Dec 06, 2018
3.4/5 (158 votes)
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will give players many celebrities of different games for everyone to explore. Besides characters from Nintendo’s unique games, the manufacturer also brought several characters from other franchise games. With the combat element, players will discover and use many different characters to defeat the enemy. From owning a large number of diverse characters, this game has been built with many interesting game modes. In addition to the two familiar playing parts, Special Smash and Classic, this game are added with some new battle challenges such as Tournament, Squad Strike, and Smashdown. In it, the Tournament allows 32 different characters to participate in a tournament, and the player’s goal is to overcome the remaining opponents to win the championship in the last match of the tournament. Squad Strike is built in the form of teamwork, so battles will have many characters at once. Next, Smashdown is a game with limited combat content. Each character in this game is only allowed to use once in a match. Therefore, players need to grasp the fighting skills of many different characters to be able to control them in a stable manner and complete many matches.

In terms of the number of characters that will appear in the game, the manufacturer brings 74 powerful characters, and each character will have its own unique powers to fight. Among the characters that can be used, the game owns 65 characters similar to the previous version of Ultimate and added 11 new characters. New characters include Princess Daisy (Mario Series), King K. Rool (Donkey Kong), Richter Belmont (Castlevania), Chrom (Fire Emblem Awakening), etc. When enjoying the game, players are only provided eight cores Basic items to use, and the rest of the characters need to engage in constant fights to unlock. Each character successfully unlocked can be used in many different game modes. Note, new characters will be unlocked by conquering many fierce battles of Classic mode.

In each battle of this game, the player must use many different tricks to knock enemies from the ring. Along with clever movement and proper use of tricks, the game also provides weapons or some power-boosting items for everyone to use.

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