Art Academy: Atelier

Console Wii U
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region EU
Views 490
Downloads 233
Released 26th Jun 2015 (UK/EU)
File size 6.16 G
4/5 (1 vote)
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“Art Academy: Atelier” is a drawing practice game software developed by Headstrong Games and published by Nintendo for Wii U. The game gives players the fascinating experience of the painter’s profession, helping players to discover their artistic talent and use that ability to create their own favorite works. It is one of the remakes version of the “Art Academy” series, along with other versions such as “Art Academy: SketchPad” and “Art Academy: Home Studio” so that they are compatible with the Wii U, with a stylus that allows players to record their drawing on the game screen.To increase the authenticity of the game, the developer also adds realistic features that simulate artist tools including: drawing colors, drawing paper, pencils, … Players will experience the screen “Lessons”, where you will learn through the drawing instructions of a 3D artist in the game, players only rely on the instructions and make their own drawings. To make it easier to create strokes, the game will illustrate the player with video time-lapse along with the arrows. When passing 20 levels, the player can be officially called an artist, then you should choose to enter the “Free Paint” mode and unleash your creative mind and compose the work. With social network “Miiverse”, players can share their favorite works to join in to comment with other “artists”.

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