Call of Duty: Ghosts

Console Wii U
Publisher Activision
Genre Other
Region EU , US
Views 6,290
Downloads 3,831
Released 5th Nov 2013 (USA)
5th Nov 2013 (UK/EU)
File size 17.73 G
3.7/5 (4 votes)
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“Call of Duty: Ghosts” is a first-person shooter in the hit game series “Call of Duty”. This is the 10th version of the series developed by Infinity Ward and released by Activision on November 5, 2013, the game is highly rated by critics for multiplayer gameplay and especially introduces players to a new game mode that is ” Extinction “. This is a survival mode that supports 4 co-op players, with the task set for players to protect the drilling machine is destroying the horde of alien monsters called Scorpion controlled by AI. AAll four players will have to fight each attack in a certain period of time, facing many different types of monsters, each with special abilities such as high jump, acid spray, … The sniper rifle scope also has a new feature called “dual rendering technology”, which allows the player to see around outside the range (albeit blurred) when zooming in. The plot of the game is mostly told through the eyes of the main character Logan Walker. Players take on Logan’s role in most of the in-game events, with several other playable characters, including an astronaut specialist named Baker, Sergeant Thompson, member of Icarus and Logan’s father, Elias Walker.

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