Pokemon – PS: The First Journey & Red’s Journey West

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“Pokemon – PS: The First Journey & Red’s Journey West” is an exceptional jewel among the enormous Pokémon video game canon. Featuring a new take on the Pokémon universe, this game by the amazing AenaonDusky will take you on a wild adventure through time and space. Let’s go off on an adventure to find all the secrets this game has to offer.


When playing “PS: The First Journey,” players will experience a time period known as “Generation 0,” which occurred before the present Pokémon era. It is here that they saw Professor Oak’s first trip across Kanto. However, the modern Kanto is very different from this. The term “trainer” first became popular in 1947 in the dynamic region of Kanto. Most people who worked with monsters called themselves “tamers,” and they frequently competed with one another for cash and even possession of one another’s Pokémon. The Apricorns’ invention of the Poké Ball caused a “creature fever” that resulted in widespread disorder, an increase in gang activity, and the abandonment of educational pursuits. In the middle of this chaos, players must perform a herculean task: laying the groundwork for the present Pokémon universe.


Player’s take on the role of Red, the world’s second-strongest trainer, after completing Oak’s journey, in “Red’s Journey West.” Forty years have passed since Red’s loss at Ethan’s (Gold’s) hands, and he has made his way to Johto to start over. This is a story about maturation, growth, and atonement as much as it is about fighting. Along the way, players will run with some old friends and get a good look into Red’s head, learning how he went from being a downtrodden trainer to a confident adult.


There are a ton of features in this game that both reference and expand upon the source material. The game’s representation of Kanto is based on the beta versions of Red and Green, making it look more like it did in the first generation. The lack of man-made things forces players to scavenge for food and make Poké Balls out of Apricorns. Players are tasked with defeating groups of tamers as the game introduces the concept of creating the first gyms and league. The game also features a revamped version of the HGSS soundtrack that was designed to evoke the same mood as the original Kanto soundtrack. Automatic healing, save game backups, and other quality of life features provide for a trouble-free gaming session.


The game’s intriguing narrative is its strongest feature, providing insight into the histories of individuals ranging from Koga to Bertha. Participants will see the tamers go from a disorderly bunch to the respected gym leaders they are today. Insights regarding Oak’s and Red’s respective contributions to the development of the Pokémon world are elegantly woven into the narrative arcs of the game. Players are in for a real treat, whether they’re interested in learning about the history of gym battles or Red’s long-lost sibling.

Finally, “Pokemon – PS: The First Journey & Red’s Journey West” is more than simply a game; it’s a trip down memory lane, complete with surprises, obstacles, and heartwarming moments. Are you ready to set off on this great adventure, trainers?

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