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In Pokémon, when battles don’t swing in your favor or the journey becomes too grueling, the Nurse Joys and their peculiar machines are always there to ensure the game continues seamlessly. Transforming a Pokémon from a state of injury to complete stability might seem like sorcery. Yet, this magic is seldom questioned. But remember, even magic has its origins. There was a time when this miraculous machine was non-existent, and somewhere, a Nurse Joy was the last to receive it.


The setting is the year 198X. A group of elite scientists, accompanied by a single nurse, eagerly awaits the storm’s end. They are among the few who operate in Antaxius ‘overwinter’ – the last human-discovered region, characterized by its icy terrains and month-long nights. As the storm subsides, a ship carrying the Re:Vive machine, capable of healing any Pokémon, is set to arrive.

Nurse Aida, with two decades of experience under her belt, believes the Re:Vive could be the real deal. She envisions a future where panic, stress, and even death are things of the past. But with just a week left before this revolutionary change, how will she spend her time, knowing the past can’t be revisited?


“The Last Nurse Joy” deviates from traditional Pokémon gameplay. It leans more towards a relaxed puzzle-solving experience. As Nurse Joy, players are tasked with diagnosing and treating over eight hundred different Pokémon species. The challenge? Figuring out the ailment and getting the Pokémon to cooperate.

Players can measure a Pokémon’s temperature, check their heartbeat, or even use an X-Ray at the blue observation desk. The green diagnosis bookshelf offers insights into Pokémon anatomy. And if you’re ever stuck, there’s always the hint chair to guide you. The best part? You can pet every Pokémon you treat!


You can earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold ranking based on your treatment efficiency. The game comprises six cases, with the possibility of bonus cases in the future. Your actions, from the extra steps taken to ensure a Pokémon’s happiness to the success of the treatment, determine your rank and, ultimately, the game’s ending.

The Last Nurse Joy offers a unique blend of puzzle-solving and Pokémon care, making it a must-play for fans and newcomers alike. So, are you ready to step into Nurse Aida’s shoes and change the world of Pokémon care forever? I hope this article captures the essence of “The Last Nurse Joy” while adhering to the given guidelines. Let me know if you’d like any adjustments!

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