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Pokemon Titan is a spanish fangame, one of the most important fangames in the spanish scene. I started this project three years ago, and now it has 16 gyms, multiple sidequests and thousands of hours of content.
Althought the game is made in spanish, I’m seeking for help to translate it to english in the future.

The three starters, the only fakemon the game has. When you start a New Game, you can choose to play with them or with the official starters. If you choose the late, the game will randomize you three starters between the 21 the franchise has.

Our adventure is setted in Aleteia, one of the two original regions this game has. Society starts to fear the Pokemon population increase, several political groups are arguing about humanity safety and his status regarding to Pokemon.

Arjes and Aleteia, each region has his own lore​

A group of scientists, sociologists and intellectuals called Team Zenit will take advantage on this situation, starting an ambitious plan that will break human and Pokemon relationships as we know.

They look like thugs, but they are quite skilled

– 7 generations 100% no fake
– Multiple save files
– Graphically unimpressive, little or none lag
– All 793 Pokemon catchable (no Ultrabeasts)
– Fast speed button
– Well calibrated difficulty progression

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