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Okyto is a flourishing region with a rich and varied ecosystem, and it serves as the backdrop for Pokémon XENOTIME. A wonderful nature reserve, Okyto is distinguished by its dry grassland, icy conditions toward the north, desert landscapes, sunny beaches, and rainy regions. Having said that, the civilisation that lives in Okyto is extremely advanced, and it makes full use of cutting-edge technology. You will be given your first Pokémon by Professor Larcoon, a woman who can be quite stubborn. As you progress through the game, you will need to collect a total of eight badges. Your quest to become the Pokémon champion will take you through Okyto, where you will encounter a vast number of Pokémon along the way. This trip is fraught with danger. You and your Pokémon need to have a high level of resilience in order to face the extremely powerful elite six and then the double battle champion. You have the responsibility of defending innocent bystanders from an evil group comprised of characters from the game’s history while also working to improve your Pokémon’s capabilities and advancing further in the game.

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