Dicing Knight.

Console WonderSwan Color
Publisher Qute
Developer Platine Dispositif
Genre Role-Playing
Region Japan
Views 37
Downloads 29
Released May 31, 2004
File size 249.63 K
5/5 (1 vote)
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Dicing Knight. follows the journey of a nameless knight fighting through a series of randomly generated dungeons. The game will start on the floor of a dungeon, your goal being to find the floors key to progress to the next floor. Eventually you will reach a dungeon boss, after you beat it you’ll be allowed access to a new more difficult dungeon. Dungeons are timed by a “Food Gauge” which when depleted will force you to exit the dungeon. One interesting features of Dicing Knight. is the “dicing” every time you attack an enemy dice will pop out of it and roll, you’ll deal damage to the foe based on the rolls you get. Likewise when you are hit dice also roll to determine you’re damaged. Dicing Knight. was one of the last WonderSwan games to be released, alongside Judgement Silversword, both winners in the WonderWitch development contest. There was also another version released called Dicing Knight Legion, only for the WonderWitch development system.

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