Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

Console Xbox 360
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Other
Region WW
Views 2,883
Downloads 2,841
Released January 25, 2011
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In the sequel to 2008’s Dead Space, players assume the role of Isaac Clarke once more. He is an engineer who previously fought the horrible “Necromorphs” – a species of polymorphic (shape-changing) parasitic extraterrestrials that feed on dead flesh and use corpses as hosts – onboard the fatal “PlanetCracker,” the spaceship USG Ishimura. Three years later, Clarke is discovered abandoned in space and is taken onboard The Sprawl, a vast space station circling Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. Isaac is understandably devastated by the events of the original game, haunted by memories of his fiancée Nicole’s suicide, the horrifying shapes and forms of the Necromorph horde, and persistent visions of a ghost stealing Nicole’s paper. A new Necromorph outbreak arises while Isaac is being psychoanalyzed on The Sprawl, and he has no choice but to flee. While trying to break free from his bonds, he runs from both the Necromorphs and the space station’s security team, grabs a gun, and then learns the truths behind the reappearance of the Necromorphs and the appearance of yet another Marker, all while fighting dementia and even more hideous beasts than before.

Dead Space 2 looks and plays nearly identical to its predecessor. A third-person camera is used to control Isaac. Isaac is holding a weapon and must aim it before it may be fired. Each weapon has a different attack, and players can use Stasis to slow down objects or foes and the telekinesis module to grab and toss things or solve environmental puzzles. Necromorphs, like before, are exceedingly robust and resistant to regular shots. Dismemberment is the most effective method of killing them. Different types of Necromorphs react differently to dismembered, and the player must find the most efficient approach to dismember each variety. He can also employ dismembered parts as weapons, such as blade-like arms or an explosive sack from one species, which he can fling with telekinesis while preserving some ammo. Instead of jumping from platform to platform, Isaac may now control his movement in zero gravity and glide around. This allows for additional exploration and new possibilities in these areas.

Aside from that, the modifications are primarily cosmetic, with a more comprehensive visual design. Isaac is also voiced and written more thoroughly into the plot this time. The PlayStation 3 edition includes an upgraded version of Dead Space: Extraction. This rail shooter was initially published for the Wii in 2009 and has been optimized for high definition and PlayStation Move.

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