SBK X: Superbike World Championship

SBK X: Superbike World Championship

Console Xbox 360
Genre Racing , Sports
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SBK X is the seventh installment of the official videogame series that accompanies the Superbike World Championship, based on the 2009 season. This time, the game includes not only all the essential tracks, drivers, motorcycles, and sessions from the Superbike class but also Supersport and Superstock 1000. The new Evolving Track function is also introduced. Due to this technology, the track “rubbers” over time, showing the optimal trajectories and giving the user an improved grip. The method is also suitable for wet races. Where most motorcyclists travel, the track dries up faster, keeping the player on his toes with continuously changing situations.

At the start of the game, the player can choose between Arcade and Simulation Mode to enjoy the new features:* Arcade Mode: This mode enables you to perform wheelies and break off beyond the limits without fear of falling off. The core is the Story Mode, where the player begins in the Superstock 1000 and gradually works his way up to the World Superbike Championship by accumulating reputation points. During each race, you can gain reputation points by completing the objectives. As a result, the races frequently do not begin at the beginning. Instead, starting from 14th place, the player must work his way up to 10th place in only two rounds.

Simulation Mode: Even on the lowest level, everything is about realism. The primary focus is the career mode. The player begins in the Superstock 1000 class and has eight seasons to become the new Superbike World Champion. Instead of challenges and chapters, this is the genuine deal, with entire races (including qualification and warm-up), a susceptible control system, and many methods to customize the motorcycle’s settings best to suit the needs of the course and the player.
Each mode requires the player to design an individual rider by selecting his look, attire, and riding style, including various quick-play options. A multiplayer choice for up to 16 riders provides for rapid races, time attacks, and personalized single and team championships.

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