Skate 3

Skate 3
Console Xbox 360
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Sport
Region WW
Views 13,731
Downloads 5,845
Released May 11, 2010
3.2/5 (58 votes)
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Set in an open-world environment, players will participate in skateboarding competitions from a third-person perspective. Different from the original game, players will be able to participate in 2 new modes of the game: easy and hardcore. For easy mode, players will be allowed to use simple sliding techniques to control the sliding speed of the game characters. When it comes to difficult mode, the player must use the correct tricks and land in the spectacular way to earn the accumulated bonus points. In addition to conquering the difficult challenges of the mission, players can also participate in challenges with other opponents to earn honor points. The players who get high technical points, they will win.

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