Blinx The Time Sweeper

Console XBOX
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Genre Platformer
Region WW
Views 6,380
Downloads 2,711
Released October 7, 2002
4/5 (11 votes)

Blinx The Time Sweeper is a platform game, brought to fans by Microsoft Game Studios in 2002. The game is also the first version of the Blinx game series. Coming to Blinx The Time Sweeper, players will transform into Blinx (a cat but communicating like a human, working in a time factory). Blinx’s main job is to create, distribute, and maintain the timeline in many different dimensions and universes. Whenever a time malfunction occurs, Blinx will be sent to correct the error before the timeline is frozen and turned into a time crystal. The main task of the player is simply checking the available timelines, collecting objects, and trapped monsters causing this timeline to malfunction. With 3D graphics and cute character creation, Blinx The Time Sweeper will be a game hard to ignore.

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