Destroy All Humans

Destroy All Humans
Console XBOX
Publisher THQ
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Views 1,476
Downloads 633
Released June 21, 2005
3.6/5 (4 votes)
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Destroy All Humans is an action-adventure game based on the popular movie Destroy All Humans !. The game is the story that takes place on Earth. After being invaded by a swarm of aliens, they implemented their plan by introducing a virus capable of making humans cloned unconsciously. Transforming into Crypto, players will fight against aliens and find a way to save the people. Join the story mode, at the first task level, you will be required to acquire Furon DNA to be able to rescue the people before the unconscious cloning situation. Entering the battle mode, the character will find a way to fight to eliminate the aliens from Earth. If you destroy their flying saucers, their death speed will be faster, and they will not be able to return home.

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