Fuzion Frenzy

Fuzion Frenzy
Console XBOX
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Genre Puzzle
Region WW
Views 2,477
Downloads 1,044
Released November 15, 2001
2.8/5 (1 vote)

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Fuzion Frenzy is an immersive action game developed by Microsoft Xbox and released for fans. At its core, the game is a version of up to 45 different mini-games that allow the player to choose freely. Each match will allow up to 4 characters to compete. Before entering the game, you can choose your own game mode: “tournament mode” and “crazy mini-game mode.” First, the player will choose one of the six characters, and each character will have a unique advantage to consider in order to promote the strength of the character best. With quite diverse map systems, characters can explore a lot of new lands. To pass each map, players need to pass up to 3 different mini-games. Regarding graphics, this version is extremely praiseworthy with vivid designs and quite beautiful on the 3D platform.

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