Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Console XBOX
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Views 14,293
Downloads 8,264
Released 26 October 2004
File size 5.89 G
3.2/5 (7 votes)
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an action and adventure game that Rockstar Games released to fans in 2008. The game is the third version of the Grand Theft Auto game series. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is set in the state of San Andreas, including three cities: Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. The game revolves around the character Carl “CJ” Johnson, a member of the Grove Street Families gang on his way from Liber City back to his home town of Los Santos, San Andreas, after learning that his mother was murdered. Coming to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, players will transform into CJ and understand the truth behind his mother’s death. The plot of the game is based on real-life facts in Los Angeles, speaking as a feud between the two biggest drug gangs at the time, Bloods and Crips. The drug problem at that time was a very painful problem. San Andreas has relatively similar gameplay with the previous two versions: Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Mostly, players will participate in gun battles and racing. In addition, players can also swim and climb, control many new vehicles such as cars, buses, pickup trucks, for example.

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