Max Payne

Console XBOX
Publisher Gathering of Developers
Genre Action
Region WW
Views 4,062
Downloads 2,565
Released 23 July 2001
File size 4.55 G
4/5 (1 vote)
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Max Payne is a video game series in the third-person shooter genre, which was released by Rockstar Games to fans for the first time in 2001. The game has a plot revolving around Max Payne, a detective of the New York City police department. Max Payne was avenged by a drug trafficking gang because he found many clues and broke many of their businesses. The whole Max Payne family was brutally murdered by them. After that time, Max Payne completely lost faith in justice, so he decided to find justice for his loved ones. This talented detective created a gang, including a Russian gangster and a policewoman, then tried to bring down the drug tycoon. Coming to the Max Payne game series, most of the time, players will be shown the ability to shoot, kill the criminals in the process of breaking this drug trafficking line.

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