Rent A Hero No. 1

Rent A Hero No. 1
Console XBOX
Publisher Aspect Co.
Genre Puzzle
Region WW
Views 760
Downloads 157
Released May 25, 2000
5/5 (1 vote)
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Rent A Hero No. 1 is an action-role-playing video game brought to fans by Sega in 1991. The game is increasingly developed by the developer for its humor, which in turn, is extremely entertaining. The game has a plot revolving around Taro Yamada, currently living in the town of Corja – Japan with his aging mother, eccentric father, and younger sister Alyssa. In one order of Pizza from the Sensational Cafeteria, he received an outfit instead of a pizza. After realizing that this outfit gave him incredible strength, he didn’t want to give it back. The shop required him to pay for the armor, but the price was too high, from which Taro became a hero to pay back the debt for the “Sensational Cafeteria.” Rent A Hero No. 1 was also favored by the developer for the sound, where all the voices in the game were voiced by the actors in the original movie.

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