Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations

Console Nintendo 3DS
Publisher Capcom
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region EU , US
Views 25,530
Downloads 23,255
Released November 28, 2015
3.7/5 (46 votes)
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When monsters are still in action, innocent people must suffer for them, only you can bring peace to this world, true hunters join. into the game to kill all the evil creatures. Keeping the gameplay from the previous installments in the series, you will become a hunter and take on quests to destroy dangerous creatures. There are no characters with special attributes, your strength is due to your equipment and skills. There are a total of 14 different types of weapons such as swords, bows, guns, etc. each of them has an interesting shape, how to operate and different special abilities, but each of them also has strengths and weaknesses private. The suits of armor provide defense and the ability to use powerful elemental types. You can also attach gems to your equipment to help them increase their power. When fighting, in addition to the basic attacks, you can also use special moves, but these techniques also require time to recharge after each use, for large battles that require You use them at the right times to give your advantage. Along with fighting you also need to collect different types of resources to help the battle later. The body parts of the monsters you destroy also act as ingredients to help create stronger equipment


dont waste ur time on this, everytime i extract the file it always gives me an error saying it's corrupt
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I download cia file 1.5gb but when i finished downloading the file name is direct.php.. the file extension is .php.. what should i do?
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