Console Game Boy Color
Publisher Ubisoft
Genre Other
Region EU , US
Views 705
Downloads 253
Released November 7, 2000
File size 282.61KB
5/5 (1 vote)
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Animorphs is an action-adventure role-playing game that is very much sought after with extremely detailed, unique and eye-catching investing images built on 3D. Combined with that is an extremely vivid sound system, inspiring adventure. The game is set in the future when the Earth is being invaded by aliens Yeerk. They attack the Earth and turn all the people they see into different animals. Transforming into Animorphs – the son of the hero Ax, players will fight to destroy the aliens and turn people back into people. Most of the game will take place in the dungeon, so it will be quite difficult to observe the enemy, but you can use powerful moves to destroy enemies far or unseen more easily.

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