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Perhaps the majority of players are familiar with console systems, but there is still a machine called mini console that was released before. Among them is a prevalent type, the Game Boy Color, which is also known by many as GBC. GBC was produced by a very famous company from Japan, Nintendo. The device is a “handheld game console”, first released on October 21, 1998, in Japan and then released in November of the same year to international markets. The device is a trendy gaming device worldwide, with sales of 118.69 million units, including other Game Boy devices. This device is an upgraded version of Game Boy that was very famous before, GBC has many new upgrades to bring users exciting experiences. Game Boy Color is part of the fifth-generation home gaming console. GBC’s main competitors in Japan are 16-bit gray handsets, Neo Geo Pocket and WonderSwan, although Game Boy Color far outpaces these products.

The difference here is that GBC has a color screen, not a monochrome screen like the previous version. This has brought players an exciting experience. This device is made up of many of the most modern components of the era, such as the CPU Corporation Sharp Corporation LR35902, which is the same CPU of the previous version Game Boy. The device has a resolution of 160 × 144 pixels and a 10: 9 aspect ratio, which is similar to the last version of the device. It’s slightly thicker, taller, and has a slightly smaller screen than Game Boy Pocket, the direct predecessor in the Game Boy line.

Because of its compatibility with Game Boy games, Game Boy Color has a large library of games that can be played at launch. The system has accumulated an impressive library of 576 Game Boy Color games over four years. This is the fun of this device, and players will not have to cumbersome connection, just boot up the device and play games. In particular, the game Pokemon Gold and Silver is the best-selling game developed for Game Boy Color. Also, there are many other famous games such as “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”, “Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors”, “Pokemon Yellow” …

These days it will be very difficult to be able to search for this device, but if players want to experience the games of this device, come to us right now.