Army Men 2

Console Game Boy Color
Publisher The 3DO Company
Genre Action , Other
Region US
Views 731
Downloads 368
Released October 31, 2000
File size 568.53KB
5/5 (1 vote)
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Army Men 2 is an action genre video game, released by 3DO to its fans in 1999. The game is a sequel to the Army Men game. Still, with the gameplay quite similar to its predecessor, Army Men 2 was slightly modified by the battle scene to help it become more realistic. The game begins in a small kitchen space, with a team of plastic soldiers. After a long struggle, the group of soldiers found a way to help them move into the plastic world. The game then changes its setting to forest, battle, etc. in the plastic world. With quite funny and unique gameplay, Army Men 2 will be a good entertainment game, helping players clear up after school and work effectively.

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