Dragon Ball Z – Legendary Super Warriors

Console Game Boy Color
Publisher Bandai
Genre Fighting
Region EU , US
Views 1,713
Downloads 1,921
Released June 30, 2002
File size 661.54KB
3.8/5 (1 vote)
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Dragon Ball Z – Legendary Super Warriors is an action fighting game, developed exclusively for the Boy Color game system. Entering the game, you will be taken to a vivid world with lots of highly dramatic matches. Transforming into Saga, players can use attack techniques to destroy opponents. Also, if using additional support items, the power will be greatly increased. Items can appear after the character has defeated several opponents, or purchased outside the store. There are up to 125 cards in this version, using each one will help you recreate and participate in a battle that you require. The feature allows customizing the character to make it easier for the character to change the main power in each match, whether it be moving at a faster speed, or maybe using punches with greater strength. In addition to the battle mode, players can participate and the story mode where the character will be set in a new world with quite interesting situations when interacting with other characters and surroundings. To score points in this mode, the character will have to correctly answer a few questions related to the situation in the story.

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