Pokemon Gold EX

Pokemon Gold EX

Console Game Boy Color
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region WW
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Downloads 525
Released Unknown
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Pokemon Gold EX (Pokemon Gold Hack) is a remake of the original game Pokemon Gold, the author of the game is a ROM hacker nicknamed BroRarity. The game includes everything you need in a hacked version like getting stronger, easily catching rare Pokemon, etc. I don’t recommend playing this version because it will lose the nature of the game. but try once it doesn’t matter.


– A new level curve for improved difficulty, as everyone knows Johto was one of the easier games of the main series
– All 251 pokemon will somehow be obtainable in this game. Including Legends, Starters, & Fossils. Also Silver and Crystal Exclusives.
– Revised Rival, Elite Four, Champion, Kanto, Trainer Red, and so forth.
– Some pokemon will be revised in both evolutions and also learn sets.
– Easter eggs will be here and there, one being in Ruins of the Alph. (Search the grass)
– New places to explore. (Although, not in this first patch)
– Updated Trainer Sprites and New Events.

Current Patch

– This first patch will contain everything from the Beginning and up to Ecruteak City / Route 38. But this first patch will include the Celebi GS Ball event, which you will obtain from Bill at the Pokémon Center in Ercuteak City.

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