Pokemon Pinball

Console Game Boy Color
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region EU , US
Views 1,894
Downloads 2,009
Released April 14, 1999
File size 410.00KB
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Pinball-style games have been no stranger to gamers. Based on the success of this series, Pokemon Pinball was released in 1999. In terms of gameplay, it remains the same as in the same series. However, the graphics are quite different when you do not use the normal ball butt would use the Pokeball to join the game. The lever position will be replaced by rocks, trees. The positions for points are coordinates with the Pokemon. At each level of play, the player’s field will be changed. Maybe, it’s a forest, or maybe, it’s a volcanic cave. The game will end when the ball falls into the black hole. In each stage, the player will have 5 ball networks, i.e. your ball is allowed to fall 5 times and continue the game. A special feature in this version is that, in addition to colliding with Pokemon to score, you can also collect them if colliding with them more than 3 times in each game screen. Winning after each level will help players get an amount corresponding to the points gained to unlock new levels.

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