Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Console Game Boy Color
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Platformer
Region JP , US
Views 3,485
Downloads 5,564
Released 1999
File size 343.08KB
3.8/5 (1 vote)
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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is an action role-playing game that debuted for fans in 1999. Acquiring the features of the old Super Mario Bros classic launched in 1985, the game seems to take you to a multi-colors world with lots of exciting experiences. Along with that is the top-notch graphics with lots of vividly invested images, while the colors are matched harmoniously with the eyes. Entering the game, you will control the character Mario to complete the mission to rescue the princess who has been kidnapped of her kingdom. Experiencing eight different ways to get to the Mushroom Kingdom, the character will meet the final boss, destroy him, and you will score (rescue the princess) and enter a great reward from the king. Players can participate in a single or 4-player competition to improve their level. Want to overcome the world, your character will have to move quickly to overcome the obstacles that appear on the road by destroying them or jumping over them. The enemy may suddenly appear, so be careful, because just a few seconds, your character may have to pay the price of life. In each world, the character will have 7 lives, meaning if killed, it will be revived immediately (if the number of lives is still not zero).

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