Console NES
Publisher Konami
Genre Action , Platformer
Region EU , US
Views 3,029
Downloads 4,030
Released September 26, 1986
File size 241.2 K
3.3/5 (3 votes)
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“Castlevania” is a game of the famous Japanese genre, and it was first released in 1986. With adventure stories and many levels to explore, you will be comfortable relaxing and challenge your perseverance. You have the task of controlling “Simon” and help him overcome many dangerous traps along the way. In addition to crazy traps, you also have to fight with many different types of enemies in each level.

“Castlevania” is designed in three main stages, and each stage will give players 18 different levels to conquer. In addition, at the end of each stage will bring a strong and dangerous “BOSS” for you to defeat in the process of moving and conquering the levels of the game. You will be comfortable climbing, jumping in the air, or crouching to overcome obstacles. Besides, you are also allowed to use many different weapons to destroy enemies (primary and secondary weapons). Enemies will appear in many different positions in each level, and they will automatically attack you.

Start exploring the game; you will receive five hearts and three lives. In it, three strong will help you survive and overcome crazy levels. And hearts will be used to activate additional weapons after you collect them. In particular, the auxiliary weapons will require a certain amount of hearts to use. Therefore, you must collect many hearts and use the spare weapons wisely. Note, the extra weapons will be lost if you are destroyed.

In addition to collecting many hearts for using extra weapons, you are also allowed to upgrade your main weapon to deal more damage to the enemies. The upgrade of the main weapons will be arranged in three levels, and you need to meet the requirements of the game to be able to upgrade the main weapons.

Aside from 3 lives to use, “Simon” has an HP bar. If the life force bar was reduced to zero, “Simon” would die and be deducted from one life. To ensure the vitality of the character and not be killed. You can use the bonus after destroying enemies to buy healing items for the character. In addition to ensuring the vitality bar is not reduced to 0, you are tasked to complete the level within the time allowed. Each level will give you a certain amount of time for you to complete the challenge. If the timeline falls to 0 and you are still unable to get past the current level. You will have a life minus and have to play again.

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