Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation

Console NES
Publisher Enix
Genre Role-Playing
Region WW
Views 126
Downloads 139
Released February 10, 1988
File size 205.79 K
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Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation is a dramatic role-playing game released by Enix. The game is set in Aliahan castle, a world different from the previous two versions of Dragon Quest. This was the residence of magicians and knights. In that peaceful castle appeared an evil demon lord named Baramos with plans to destroy the world. Before the dangerous conspiracy of Baramos, Aliahan castle needs to choose a person with the power to stop his dangerous actions. King Aliahan has assigned the task of destroying Baramos to the hero – the son of the legendary warrior Ortega.

In this game, players will role-play the hero with his three friends to search and destroy Baramos. They will choose one of the classes to practice and gain a certain power. The main character will receive a lot of experience after completing the training. After a while, his magical power will be enough to fight the enemy. Reaching level 20 will give him the extra defensive power of a knight. This will make him safer during his search for Baramos.

The game allows up to four players to participate at the same time. In it, one person will control the hero and the other three control his companion. They left their homeland and began the search for enemies. The hero’s first mission is to defeat the thief Kandar to rescue two people of Bharata town. Next, he will steal King Romaly’s crown to receive Black Pepper. The main character uses it in exchange for a sailboat in Portoga and continues to move. He received 6 mystical orbs during the process of moving on the boat. These orbs help revive the legendary bird Ramia. Successfully resurrected, the Ramia birds will take him and his teammates to where Baramos is hiding.

Baramos built a mighty army to carry out his plan to destroy his world. The protagonist will have to attack that elite soldier with the help of his comrades. They discover Baramos is controlled by witch Zoma. The hero will be taken to the last land to fight Zoma after successfully defeating Baramos. He was given the Ball of Light by the dragon queen in the final battle. With this ultimate weapon, the hero quickly destroyed Zoma. After completing his mission, he and his teammates disappear and their weapons are stored to protect the world.

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