Super Mario Bros. 3

Console NES
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Platformer
Region JP , US
Views 7,310
Downloads 7,593
Released JP: October 23, 1988
NA: February 12, 1990
PAL: August 29, 1991
File size 221.14 K
3.7/5 (11 votes)
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With the familiar travel genre, join “Super Mario Bros. 3 ”will bring many interesting adventures. Similar to other versions of “Super Mario”, you will participate in controlling “Luigi or Mario” to overcome many different challenges of the game. When participating in the challenge, you will have to overcome 8 different kingdoms. In particular, each kingdom will bring a unique image system and a challenging environment for you to explore. In addition, each kingdom will be designed on several levels. And each level will bring you a separate map system to complete the challenge.

During the experience, you will have to control the character wisely to move, climb and overcome many different obstacles that are on the way. Besides killing monsters, you are also allowed to collect various support items to complete the levels quickly.

With eight kingdoms to explore, you will be faced with many different tycoons at the end of each kingdom. In particular, the first seven kingdoms will bring “Koopalings” for you to fight and destroy. In the last kingdom, you will have to fight the most dangerous boss is “Bowser”.

Besides, you will join the challenge with a certain number of lives. In addition to the lives provided at the beginning of the challenge. You can also collect new networks by collecting 100 gold coins or collecting green mushrooms hidden in some bricks. To kill the monsters that appear on the way, you need to jump above the enemy’s head. Successfully destroying each monster will help you accumulate a certain score. From there, you can create many outstanding achievements for yourself.

To be able to fight and overcome levels with many high scores. The game has prepared different types of items for you to explore. For example, you can collect special red mushrooms to increase character size. Or collect special flying suits to help you fly higher into the air. In general, each type of item will bring its own advantages to help you survive the dangerous obstacles and monsters of the game. Therefore, you need to collect and use many different items in each level. In particular, you can only complete the task and defeat the bosses when owning from 1 to 2 different support items.

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