God of War

God of War

Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher SCEA , Sony
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Views 63,189
Downloads 79,615
Released March 22, 2005
4.1/5 (52 votes)
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The events of God of War take place at the time of ancient Greek mythology. Kratos, a human warrior, plays the role of the game’s protagonist. Kratos used to be the leader of the Spartans a very long time ago. He was a courageous and terrible general who fought in battles for the honor of his city. In modern times, people call him “the Ghost of Sparta.” Because he cannot let go of the terrible event that took place in his past, he has been plagued with terrifying nightmares for the past ten years. As a condition for receiving forgiveness for his transgressions, the gods of Olympus have mandated that he perform his duties as their champion. Last but not least, the goddess Athene reveals to Kratos that he will be redeemed if he successfully vanquishes her brother, the god of war, Ares, who was the direct cause of the terrible catastrophe that occurred in his past…

God of War is a third-person action game featuring platforming and puzzle-solving aspects. Kratos is equipped with two swords, the Blades of Chaos, and will always take them wherever he goes. They grant the player the ability to perform combos, which will continue to increase until the battle is over or until it takes too long to register another hit. Kratos will collect more red orbs from vanquished foes in proportion to the total number of combos he has completed.

In a manner very similar to Devil May Cry, the red orbs obtained from defeated foes can be spent on purchasing various types of upgrades. You can either place the orbs into different weapons you’ve earned during the game, such as the Blade of Artemis or upgrade the weapons already in your inventory to learn new skills and strike more quickly. In due time, Kratos will also get access to various spells that the gods cast. At some stages in the game, he can generate an arc of electricity with the help of Zeus or use the severed head of a Gorgon to turn adversaries into stone with Meduza’s Gaze. Both of these abilities are provided by the game’s namesake, the Greek god Zeus.

The player can only gain access to the game’s unlockable extras after completing the primary campaign on one of the game’s three different difficulty settings. The majority of the amenities include an in-depth look at various components of the game, such as the process of constructing the environment and modeling Kratos, as well as an examination of levels that were omitted from the game but are still included on the bonus disc.


  • The richly designed, mythology-based narrative immerses players in a captivating ancient Greek environment.
  • Its signature combat system presents an intense, fluid experience, blending strategic action with dynamic physicality.
  • Utilizing a progressive upgrade system, it enhances character abilities and weapon power, promoting growth and customization.
  • Boasting beautifully rendered graphics for its time, it offers players a visually stunning experience.
  • Its blend of challenging puzzles seamlessly integrated into the narrative encourages cognitive engagement.
  • The game’s epic score accentuates the intense battles and dramatic moments, enhancing the overall experience.
  • The inclusion of unforgettable boss fights brings pivotal story moments to life with high-stakes gameplay.
  • Its well-paced gameplay strikes a balance between high-action combat sequences and quieter exploratory moments.
  • The character progression system allows for in-depth development, making each gaming experience unique.
  • Layered with rich lore, it offers vast opportunities for exploration beyond the primary storyline.

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