God of War

God of War
Console PS2 (Download Emulator)
Publisher SCEA , Sony
Genre Action , Adventure
Region WW
Views 60,477
Downloads 56,416
Released March 22, 2005
4.1/5 (52 votes)
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Kratos, a Spartan warrior who is now a servant of Olympus, tells his story in this adventure game. The protagonist isn’t a perfect, noble warrior; instead, he specializes in “wet work,” or murder.

The gods chose Kratos for their own purposes in God of War for PlayStation 2. Ares, the god of war, turned Athens into hell by unleashing hundreds of zombie soldiers and his most terrifying beasts. Kratos is tasked by Olympus with locating Pandora’s Box and using it to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of assassinating Ares. The game begins in a mysterious manner, with players witnessing the protagonist’s suicide. Players travel back in time to find out what brought him to this point shortly before his death.

The PlayStation 2 version of God of War which you can download via direct link includes thrilling battles as well as numerous logic puzzles and frequently combines the two. The action is shown through the eyes of a third party. Kratos wields two lethal blades that are chained together. He can easily dispatch a large number of foes with them. The protagonist is capable of incredible feats: he can move in all directions and perform incredible combos that send hordes of enemies to the Styx’s right side.

Kratos has access to Olympus spells in addition to melee weapons. Other weapons, such as Zeus’ lightning bolt, are available to him, and they can be upgraded to higher levels. Magical artifacts that increase the power of spells are collected as players progress through the game.

Action abounds in the game. Players in God of War for PlayStation 2 travel through Greek galleons, destroying Athens and the Temple of Pandora, where they must defeat legions of opponents. The big beasts of Ares are the real challenge; defeating them necessitates skill and quick thinking. During the battle with these monsters, an icon appears above the beast’s head, and the player must click it to advance to the next attack combination. A fatal blow will be delivered by some of these actions. Waiting too long, on the other hand, will allow the monsters to regain their strength, forcing the players to start over. Surprisingly, Kratos has some of the same abilities as the defeated monsters. The head of a jellyfish, for example, will enable him to turn his opponents into rocks. The protagonist obtains extremely powerful artifacts by defeating monsters, allowing him to meet with Ares.

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